Maya G. Sen, Ph.D.

Psychology Instructor

About Me

I was a professor for over 15 years, until my department cut one of the major areas of study and three people, including me, lost our jobs. I had been thinking about new career paths for a few years, and this challenge allowed me to realize that I was ready to take a more hands-on role in helping at-risk youth. I am especially interested in helping those LGBTQ+ youth who have been rejected by their families. The risks that they face are many, and I would like to help create a better social climate for the healthy development of these often-overlooked youth.

My years as a professor provided me with numerous skills that transfer well to non-profit work: research, statistics, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time-management, employee supervision, computers, and maintaining confidentiality.

In addition to these skills, I have a specific interest in LGBTQ+ rights. I mentored LGBTQ+ students, did research on LGBTQ+-related topics, and taught courses on LGBTQ+ issues. As I taught more about such issues, I became increasingly interested in becoming part of the solution to the numerous challenges faced by our community – bullying, homelessness, bias with regards to legal issues, and more. Although I love teaching, I want to be more hands-on and contribute directly to fighting these problems.