I was born in Houston, TX, one month after my parents moved there from California, and lived there for the first 9+ years of my life, In the middle of fourth grade, we moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area. As a child and adolescent, I spent as much time taking care of the neighborhood children and reading as I possibly could, and graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1988, then Lewis & Clark College in 1991, then the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota in 1999. I am thrilled to be back home in California, after having moved around the continent for school and work.

I love the mountains and the ocean, camping, reading, and science fiction. I also love to travel, and I've been to many places in the US, and to four continents. I hope that at some point, I will be able to go to the other three. In 1981 my family went to India. We visited family (on my dad's side), and traveled to Delhi, Agra, Bengal, and Bihar. In 2011, my sister and I returned - it was incredible! I've been to India, Canada, Mexico, England, Chile, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Japan, Greece, Argentina, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, and Jordan.  You can see more of my pictures on my travel blog.

Maya G. Sen, Ph.D.

Psychology Instructor